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Professor  Kemal Sami KORKMAZ' s Lab 



Background Information

Cancer Biology Laboratory was established in Feb 2006 as a unit of Department of Bioengineering at Engineering Faculty of Ege University. Our studies involve the prostate cancer biology using various approaches and the methodologies. In our studies, we investigate the role of NKX3.1 and HoxB13 in DNA damage recognition and repair, cytokinesis failure and the role of HN1 in microtubule association. Currently we are involved in one of COST action and 3 TUBITAK projects for financial support.


Research Area

  • Biology of prostate cancer, Topoisomerase inhibitors and their effects on tumour cells,
  • Alterations in DNA damage and repair mechanisms due to loss of function of a transcription factor NKX3.1,
  • Effects on the expression of HN1 protein through epidermal growth factor, glucocorticoid receptor and androgen receptor. Role of HN1 in cytokinesis and its interactions with tubulin. Study of the regulation of GTPase pathways.
  • Role of a homeobox protein HOXB13 in DNA damage-repair pathways.
  • Role of tumour supperssor protein NKX3.1 in the emergence of prostate cancer due to loss of its expression by the activation of protein degradation pathways by inflamatory cytokines.
  • ROS production and cancer therapeutics



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