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Professor Aynur GÜREL' s Lab


Background Information

Plant cell and tissue culture techniques are applied to different plant species in order to perform various purposes. Different kind of projects are carried out related with obtaining virus-free plants via meristem cultures, clonal propagation and regeneration of medicinal, ornamental and economically valuable plants, producing secondary metabolites from medicinal plants by cell, callus cultures and hairy root cultures.




Research Area

  • Micropropagation of endemic plants (Astragalus spp., Liquidamber orientalis, Rhaponticoides mykalea), medicinal plants (Digitalis ferruginea, Achillea spp., Stevia rebaudiana), ornamental plants (orchids, Rose spp., Callistemon citrinus), fruit trees (Ficus carica, Prunus cerasifera) and some aquatic plants due to their economical importance,
  • Production of secondary metabolites from some plants such as Rubia tinctorum, Gentiana cruciata, Astragalus spp. through Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated hairy root, cell and callus culture techniques,
  • Haploid and dihaploid plant production,
  • In vitro flowering,
  • Micropropagation and optimisation of commercial plant species by using RITA bioreactors,
  • Production of disease-free plants,
  • Usage of anthraquinones obtained from Rubia tinctorum cell suspension cultures, as a natural dye in textile.






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