Department of Bioengineering

Bioprocess Group

Professor Gaye ÖNGEN ÖZGEN

Assoc.Prof.Sait SARGIN


Dr. Emek ASLAN



Background Information

Different biorector design and construction, preparation of reactors for productions, batch, fed-batch and continuous production systems, application of immobilization, microbial and enzymatic production techniques, optimization and seperation and purification studies are carried out. Scale-up studies and productions intended to industry are achieved in pilot plant.




Research Area

  • Free and immobilized enzyme production and optimization (sub-culture, solid culture, co-culture),
  • Optimizations about enzyme production from recombinant microorganisms (Determination of suitable media/inducer),
  • Enzyme application, kinetic studies, encapsulation, bioformulation, biotransformation (xylanase, laccase, lypase, protease, dipeptidil peptidase IV, pectinase, endoglucanase, drug active substance),
  • Optimization biological productions (lactic acid, bioethanol, lignin, chitin, chitosan, ocratoxin-A, biohidrogen, pullulan production),
  • Applications and optimizations of downstream processes (APV 2000 continuous centrifugation, lyophylisator, tubular centrifugation and pervaporation unit)