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Research Areas

Within the scope of our department's strategy, in order to strengthen the Bioeconomy sector, especially in the Aegean Region, we make special efforts to develop university-industry collaborations and to publicize the new technologies and knowledge produced, and gives priority to research projects with regional benefits that may have significant socio-economic benefits.

Faculty members of the department create projects on interdisciplinary and intersectoral issues in cooperation with many different institutions and organizations and continue to find project support very actively.

Bioengineering department, which is a field on biological techniques and engineering principles are applied to living systems and the related problems, scientific studies consist of sub-fields such as bioprocess engineering, genetic engineering, tissue engineering, molecular engineering, metabolic engineering and biomedical engineering. It aims to produce unique solutions to the problems of today's society in different applications and sector and opens new horizons even for traditional biotechnological industries, thanks to the knowledge gained through the development of new approaches and modern techniques.

Since 2000, our department, which has been a pioneer in the field of Bioengineering in educating students and performing scientific activities in Turkey, conducts multidisciplinary, current and important research within the scope of scientific studies carried out by successful academicians in their respective fields. 

The main research subjects worked under the umbrella of our department are; tissue engineering, biodesign and transformation engineering, bioprocess engineering, biomaterial and biomedical engineering, organ systems on-a-chip where disease modeling can be done in microsystems, genome applications, molecular biology and genetics, rapid diagnostic kits and diagnostic technologies, algal biotechnology, biorefinery, biomaterial production and bio/ nanotechnological applications, bioinformatics and software technologies, genome level models, biosensors, polymer technologies, etc.

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