Çerez Örnek

Exchange Programs

Socrates / Erasmus Programme

This Programme enables students and faculty of the participating universities to study or lecture at a partner university in Europe, disseminating scientific discovery and advanced knowledge, as well as attaining greater understanding for others and gaining a more critical view of one’s own competencies. The Department has agreements of cooperation for exchange of students and staff with 7 countries and 11 universities, within the context of EU Socrates/Erasmus programme.  Up to date, 71 undergraduate, 16 M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and 7 academicians have visited European institutions and 6 lecturers from other countries have visited the Department. Also, 11 students have benefited from the Erasmus Internship Programme. Bilateral agreements exist with the following Departments:

Abo Academy University, Finland

Aveiro University, Portugal

Bologna University, Italy

Crete Technical University, Greece

Crete University, Greece

Ghent University, Belgium

Mendel University, Czech Republic

Minho University, Portugal

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Poznan University, Poland

Technology & Life Sciences Bydgoszcz, University, Poland


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