Çerez Örnek
canlı destek

The Vision of the department is to serve as a leader of the Turkish Bioengineering / Biotechnology Community by:


Conducting top-quality research and publishing in the highest quality journals for the communication and exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge at the frontiers of bioengineering,


Fostering translation of bioengineering research and technology to industrial applications through commercialization of research results,


Promoting the education and diversity of the next generation of bioengineers, providing guidance for their career paths,


Enhancing the impact of bioengineering / biotechnology on economy and maximizing the performance of the discipline through promotion of diversity, recruitment of high calibre researchers and increasing the recognition of bioengineering as a critical discipline by the government, the media and the public.


Contributing and leading to the developments in fields of bioengineering and biotechnology and raising well educated, bright engineers who will vitalize new developments.


Networking with national and international authorities in bioengineering field for developing state of the art research and education systems that will compete with contemporary equivalent institutions.

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