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Natural Bioactive Materials Laboratories (NBMLab)

Professor Oğuz BAYRAKTAR's Lab

Prof. Oguz Bayraktar

Ege University, Faculty of Engineering

Department of Bioengineering

35100 Bornova, IZMIR

Phone: 0232 311 5128

E-mail: oguz.bayraktar@ege.edu.troguzbayraktar70@gmail.com


Welcome to the website of the natural bioactive compounds R&D group.

Our main research interests are: biopolymers, bioactivities of natural compounds derived from plants, drug delivery systems and nanotechnology.


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Prof. Dr. Oğuz Bayraktar received his Bachelor's degree from Ege University, Chemical Engineering Department in 1993. He received Master's and Doctorate degrees from West Virginia University in the United States. In 2001, he started to work as an Assistant Professor at the Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering. In 2006, he received the title of Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering. He received the title of Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering in 2012 and worked as a faculty member at the Izmir Institute of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering. He worked as Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Ege University between 2014-2020. In 2022, he established the NATCO Ltd start-up company. He is currently working as a Professor in the Department of Bioengineering at Ege University. His fields of study are biotechnology and bioengineering, and he actively continues his research in the interdisciplinary field. Determination of biological activities of natural compounds obtained from plants, isolation, purification, production, bioconversion of natural compounds, cosmetics, and functional food applications are among his main interests.


Our research group mainly conducts research on the fractionation and purification of natural compounds from plant extracts. Some of our research concerns the production of natural compounds for food, health and nanomaterials applications. We are mainly focused on the encapsulation of natural plant-derived compounds in the form of biopolymeric micro/nanocapsules/spheres and nanofibers for industrial applications. One of our main research interests is biopolymeric, especially silk-based biomaterials and their biotechnological applications (medical textiles, wound dressing contact layers, biosensor, encapsulation of natural bioactive compound, controlled and targeted release of natural compounds).

Research Areas:     

  • Chemical Engineering and Technology

  • Biotechnology/Bioengineering

  • Engineering and Technology


  • Natural compounds

  • Bioactivity

  • Biomaterials

  • Nanotechnology

  • Drug Delivery Systems

  • Biotransformation


Selected Publications:

  • Bay, V., Gür, S., Bayraktar, O. (2022) Plant-derived tormentic acid alters the gut microbiota of the silkworm (Bombyx mori). Sci Rep.12(1):13005.
  • Köse, M. D., Tekin, B. N., & Bayraktar, O. (2021). Simultaneous isolation and selective encapsulation of volatile compounds from essential oil during electrospraying of β-Cyclodextrin. Carbohydrate Polymers, 258, 117673.
  • Bayraktar, O., Yahsi, Y., & Köse, M. D. (2021). Electroencapsulation of Trans-resveratrol in Nanoparticles Composed of Silk Fibroin and Soluble Eggshell Membrane Protein. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 14(2), 334-351.
  • Baspinar, Y., Üstündas, M., Bayraktar, O., & Sezgin, C. (2018). Curcumin and piperine loaded zein-chitosan nanoparticles: Development and in-vitro characterisation. Saudi pharmaceutical journal, 26(3), 323-334.
  • Altıok, E., Bayçın, D., Bayraktar, O., & Ülkü, S. (2008). Isolation of polyphenols from the extracts of olive leaves (Olea europaea L.) by adsorption on silk fibroin. Separation and Purification Technology, 62(2), 342-348.
  • Bayraktar, O., Malay, Ö., Özgarip, Y., & Batıgün, A. (2005). Silk fibroin as a novel coating material for controlled release of theophylline. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 60(3), 373-381



  • Bayraktar, O., Sezgin, V.C. (2015). Development of curcumin and piperine loaded double-layered biopolymer based nano delivery systems by using electrospray / coating method. U.S. Patent No.10398650B2
  • Bayraktar, O., Bozoğlan, F. (2021). Usage of Egg Shell Membrane For Obtaining A Functional Raw Material And For Purification Of Natural Compounds As Bioadsorbants. WO2021096465A1(Patent Pending)
  • Bayraktar, O., Kumcuoglu S., Tavman, Ş., Ormanlı, E. (2020). Yenilikçi, sürdürülebilir, selüloz tabanlı gıda ambalajı geliştirilmesi ve bazı taze meyvelerde kullanılması. TR Patent No. 202013078 (Patent Pending)
  • Bayraktar, O., Duman, E.T. (2019). Uçucu Moleküller İçin Simültane Ve Seçici Enkapsülasyon Cihazı. TR Patent No. 201713705 (Patent Pending)



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