Çerez Örnek

Key Learning Outcomes

1)    Possessing sufficient knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering disciplines; the ability to use their theoretical and practical understandings in complicated engineering problems.

2)    Developing skills in identifying, defining, formulating and solving engineering problems in bioengineering; the ability of selection and application of proper analysis and modeling methods for this purpose.

3)    The ability to design a multifaceted system, process, device, or product in bioengineering discipline provided for certain requirements under realistic constraints and conditions; possessing skills in applying modern design methods in accordance with this purpose.

4)    To develop, select and use skills in modern new techniques, tools and processes for analysing and solving complicated problems encountered in bioengineering applications. Specifically capability of using information technologies effectively.

5)    Possessing skills in designing an experiment, evaluating and analyzing the data and the results for the investigation of complex engineering problems specific to the bioengineering.

6)    The capability of team working effectively both in bioengineering discipline and multidisciplinary areas; having individual working skills.

7)    Multidisciplinary communication skills in Turkish, at least one foreign language knowledge; the ability to follow universal developments, writing and understanding of reports effectively, preparing design and production reports, being able to make effective presentations, giving and taking comprehensible instructions.

8)    Awareness of the need for lifelong learning; the skill of access to information, being able to follow and develop new techniques in science and technology and continuous self-renewal.

9)    Acting in accordance with ethical principles, sense of professional and ethical responsibility; information on engineering applications standards.

10) Information of business applications such as project, risk and change managements and sustainable development; awareness about innovation and entrepreneurship.

11) Information about the effects of bioengineering discipline-specific applications on health, environment and safety applications and the problems of the era that are reflected in the engineering within national requirements and priorities in social and universal dimensions; awareness of the legal outcomes of engineering solutions.

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