Çerez Örnek

  Professor  E. Esin HAMES' s Lab.


Background Information

Microorganisms are capable of producing various metabolites with their wide biodiversity. After which the best example of the use of antibiotics as microbial products in the medical field, many biologically active metabolites and various enzymes have also begun to be investigated. Biologically based polymers have increasingly attracted attention in recent years with their potential for medical use

Research Area

  • Production, modification, optimization, characterization and predominantly medical application studies of bacterial products such as enzyme, protein, polymer, bioactive metabolite.
  • Isolation, identification and metagenomic studies of industrial or medically important species of bacteria from different environments


Selected Publications

1. Bayir, E., Bilgi, E., Hames, E. E., & Sendemir, A. (2019). Production of hydroxyapatite–bacterial cellulose composite scaffolds with enhanced pore diameters for bone tissue engineering applications. Cellulose26(18), 9803-9817.

2. Pekmez, K., Kalaycı, G., Gürhan, S. İ., & Hames Tuna, E.E. (2020). Preparation and optimization of rapid and sensitive coagglutination test for detection of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (IPNV). Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences44(5), 1003-1009.

3. Emre Oz, Y., Keskin-Erdogan, Z., Safa, N., & Hames Tuna, E.E (2021). A review of functionalised bacterial cellulose for targeted biomedical fields. Journal of Biomaterials Applications36(4), 648-681.

4. Deniz, I., Demir, T., Oncel, S. S., Hames, E. E., & Vardar-Sukan, F. (2021). Effect of agitation and aeration on keratinase production in bioreactors using bioprocess engineering aspects. The protein journal40(3), 388-395.

5. Bilgi, E., Homan Gokce, E., Bayir, E., Sendemir, A., Ozer, K. O., & Hames Tuna, E. E. (2021). Bacterial cellulose based facial mask with antioxidant property and high moisturizing capacity. Cellulose28(16), 10399-10414.



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