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  Prof. Dr. Murat ELİBOL' s Lab

Assoc.Prof. Suphi ÖNCEL

Res.Asst. Ayşe KÖSE




Backgorund Information

Various studies are carried out by using nanobioprocess technology that processes using microorganisms to obtain a product that can serve the different needs of today. In addition, the design and operation of different bioreactors, preparation of bioreactors for production, conversion of industrial wastes into value-added products, using batch, fed-batch, continuous culture production methods, immobilization applications, microbial and enzymatic production techniques and optimization of separation and purification are conducted. Scale up processes and industrial production are also applied at Pilot Plant.


Process Analytical Technologies, PATs are technologies that enable the monitoring and control of production processes. PAT is based on logic of “quality is not controlled in the product, product should be produced in high quality”. Examination of bioprocesses with PAT approach is among the studies carried out in our laboratory.


Research Area


  • Optimization of synthesis of biogenic nanoparticles by microalgae and potential use in biotechnology
  • Investigation of the production potential of biogenic nanoparticles with different structures
  • Microalgae and unique biochemical production in photobioreactors (omega-3, fatty acids etc.)
  • Heavy metal removal of microalgaes and optimization
  • Optimization of biological productions (lactic acid, protease, lipase, bioethanol, chitin, chitosan)
  • Free and immobilize enzyme production and optimization, production techniques (deep culture, solid culture, co-culture)
  • Applications on enzymes, kinetic studies, encapsulation, bioformulation
  • Recycling of agro-industrial disposal, removal of phenolic compounds
  • Green bioethanol production from microalgaes in CO2-conditions.


PAT Technology

  • Development of new PAT tools
  • Investigations on recent PAT tools to carry out multi-parameter measurements
  • Development of new on-line measurement tools for bio processes

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