Ege University Bioengineering Department - BIOPROCESS GROUP


Background Information

Different biorector design and construction, preparation of reactors for productions, batch, fed-batch and continuous production systems, application of immobilization, microbial and enzymatic production techniques, optimization and seperation and purification studies are carried out. Scale-up studies and productions intended to industry are achieved in pilot plant. 



Instruments / Special Equipment

Varied ranges and types of bioreactors between the volume of 500 ml and 100 L incubators, rotary shakers, deep freezer (-20 °C), air compressor, distile water system, autoclave, filter press, spray dryer, pervaporation unit, ultrafiltration, cross flow membrane filtration, tubular centrifugation, APV 2000 continuous centrifugation, lyophylisator, FLPC, UPLC, glucose analyzer, spectrophotometer (UV visible), cell disintegration, agitated water bath, moisture tester and microscopes. 


Research Area

  • Free and immobilized enzyme production and optimization (sub-culture, solid culture, co-culture kültür),
  • Enzyme application, kinetic studies, encapsulation, bioformulation, biotransformation (xylanase, laccase, lypase, protease, dipeptidil peptidase IV, pectinase, endoglucanase, drug active substance),
  • Optimization biological productions (lactic acid, bioethanol, lignin, chitin, chitosan, ocratoxin-A, biohidrogen, pullulan production),
  • Biomass productions for biological warfare, bioremediation and green chemicals and development of processes (yeast, fungus ve bacteria formulations),
  • Evaluation of agro-industrial wastes, removal of phenolic compounds,
  • Microalgae cultivation and biochemical productions in photobioreactors (omega-3- fatty acids, hydrogen, Spirulina, Haematococcus ve Chlamydomonas),
  • Applications and optimizations of downstream processes (APV 2000 continuous centrifugation, lyophylisator, tubular centrifugation and pervaporation unit),
  • Microalgal biofuels.



Research Group

Prof. Dr. Fazilet VARDAR SUKAN                            Res. Asst. Dr. Şevket KARAÇANCI

Prof. Dr. Murat ELİBOL                                            Res. Asst. Dr. Emek ASLAN

Prof. Dr. Gaye ÖNGEN                                            Res. Asst. Ayşe KÖSE,

PhD stu. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sait SARGIN                    Res. Asst. İrem DENIZ,

PhD stu. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suphi Ş. ÖNCEL               Res. Asst. Cengiz AKKALE,  

PhD stu. Assist. Prof. Dr. Esra İMAMOĞLU              MSc and PhD students Lecturer,




Selected Publications

  • Oncel, S.S., Kose, A., Faraloni, C., Imamoglu, E., Elibol, M., Torzillo, G., Vardar Sukan. F., (2015). Biohydrogen production from model microalgae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: A simulation of environmental conditions for outdoor experiments, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40. 7502-7510.
  • Sargın, S., Gezgin Y., Eltem R., Vardar Sukan, F., (2013). Micropropagule production from Trichoderma harzianum EGE-K38 using solid-state fermentation and a comparative study for drying methods, Turkish Journal of Biology, 37: 139-146.
  • İşleten-Hoşoğlu, M., Ayyıldız-Tamiş, D., Zengin, G., Elibol, M., (2013). Enhanced growth and lipid accumulation by a new Ettlia texensis isolate under optimized photoheterotrophic conditions, Bioresource Technology, 131: 258-265.
  • Kuban, M., Öngen, G., Khan, I., A., Bedir, E., (2013). Microbial transformation of cycloastragenol, Phytochemistry, 88: 99-104.
  • Aydınoglu, T., Sargın, S., (2013). Production of laccase from Trametes versicolor by solidstate fermentation using olive leaves as a phenolic substrate, Bioprocess Biosystems Engineering, 36: 215–222.