Ege University Bioengineering Department - RESEARCH ACTIVITIES

Research Areas

Since 2000, the Department has been conducting research activities and forging bridges with Turkish Industry in order to lead and strengthen the development of bioeconomy sector. It has reinforced its position as a national centre of excellence with access to international knowledge and expertise, as well as state of the art facilities; and has also generated added value for the development of Country and especially Ege Region. The academic staff is involved in interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral projects in collaboration with different stakeholders. Research projects are carried out in three main categories in “Bioengineering”. 





The Department is very active with respect to research projects and scientific publications. Since its establishment, 205 projects have been completed and 19 projects are continuing, yielding a ratio of 11,2 projects per academic staff. Bioengineering Department has secured a total of over 13 262 762 € funds for its research activities from different sources. Approximately 2% of this amount was obtained from university resources and the remainder from external resources. The active and dynamic attitude of the Department is clearly evident from its success in attracting internal and external funding for its research activities. A total of 27 project proposals were submitted to the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7); four of these projects were supported. Currently, there are 4 on-going projects funded through FP7, COST, ERASMUS MUNDUS and Marie Curie Actions. 


Furthermore, there are completed or on-going 61 projects funded by the Turkish Scientific Technical Council (TUBITAK), 68 through University funds (BAP) by our academic staff. In addition, 22 projects are industry supported and 48 different projects are finished or continuing in cooperation with by the State Planning Organisation (DPT) or other governmental agencies.